Narendra Modi – India’s desperation and forgetfulness.

31 Oct

Narendra Modi is a man of many colors. One of them as we all know, is saffron. Moving on, Narendra Modi is also White and Green and an embodiment of the Ashoka Chakra. Narendra Modi personifies the Tiranga Jhanda. You guys think I am mad don’t you? So let me explain.

Modi has been saffron from a very early age. A member of the Rashrtiya Swayam Sevak’s Sangh since childhood and now also the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime leader, a possible Prime Ministerial Candidate.

In January 2001 Gujarat shook. A 7.7 magnitude earthquake rattled the Kutch region claiming above twelve thousand lives and leaving Gujarat in shambles. Gujarat needed a leader, someone who would step in and take charge. Restore the livelihoods of the wounded and homeless masses. Gujarat needed Modi. In October 2001, Modi came to power and he did work, Modi did commendable work and was praised by many including the United Nations. Modi was a miracle. Or was he ?

In February 2002, Gujarat burned. Every report I read makes it very clear the religion followed by the owners of the burnt bodies. Fifty eight Hindus burnt in a train in Godhra. Seven hundred and ninety Muslims were killed in the violence thereafter etc. Was Modi complicit in giving the hindus a free run ? Was the saffron in him standing out ? These questions have been asked and will continue being asked over and over again. The courts gave Modi a clean chit and he came out smiling. I ask you, how does it matter? How does it matter who he sided with or whether he sided with anybody at all ? People died. Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Buddhist or Atheist is not the question here. People were killing each other and burning while law enforcement did little to nothing for a very long time. If you take religion out of the equation you realize Modi has no excuse left. He has to admit that he did not act effectively to stop the mass burning of his citizenry even when he doesn’t have to admit that he was pro-hindu. He has to admit his inefficiency if not his criminality.

Modi has since been turning white, peaceful, at least to the naked eye. He doesn’t want to be seen as a right wing extremist anymore. He wrote a letter to the public which reminds me of one of the apology letters I used to write in school. Mr Modi those are things that work when you go back to class ten minutes late after lunch time not when you are accused of not enforcing basic human rights in your state.(Also someone ask him what he means by ‘citizens of Gujarat’, it beats me). He is also saintly white because he doesn’t overturn the ghastly prohibition law on liquor. Ofcourse this only leads to illegal and shady liquor sales.

If you think the saffronization ended with the post Godhra riots, you need to read up about Sohrabuddin. It was a fake encounter staged by the police to brand an innocent man a terrorist and kill him. Yes he was also Muslim. The case centers around the involvement of Modi’s right hand man Amit Shah. Who is currently on bail. Now you must know that Modi, the true patriot that he is wants the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) back. POTA which I find similar to USA’s Patriot Act, has a provision to detain a person for 180 days without filing of charges. More importantly, any confession made to the police during this time would be considered as evidence in the court, unlike under other acts. Look at it in this light, putting Modi in charge means getting back POTA and giving this man the power to lock anyone up for 180 days and forcing a confession out of him/her and sentencing him/her for it.

I agree we need strong anti terror inititiatives in India, the combination of Modi and POTA , is not what we need. The Indian people are faced with a bag of rotten choices, corruption or right wing extremism. A dynasty rule or a Hindu Rashtra, how do we choose ?
We must be very careful in making our choices, Hitler too came to power in Germany citing his developmental work and Germany’s need for strong patriotic leadership. Modi I agree is no Hitler. Isn’t Hitler/1000 or Hitler/10,000 bad enough though ?

Modi is also the embodiment of the Ashoka Chakra. Tireless work for development and his various ‘yojanas’ or plans which have aided in the rapid development of Gujarat. Critics point out that Gujarat with its vibrant diaspora was poised for development anyway. Nevertheless I give this man credit where its due.
He has also taken hues of green lately, with his latest book on climate change. Good show Modi. I am impressed. Even IPCC chief Dr Rk Pachauri who I greatly admire is impressed by the book.

That is why I nearly supported Modi myself. Until I realized I shouldn’t. I am borrowing a quote already used in this context by a fellow blogger here. Benjamin Franklin’s dictum that “Those who give up liberty to gain temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. “ You should read the article by Supriyo Chaudhuri its less verbose and really wonderful.

Modi, while embodying all the shades of our flag is really a test of our memory. Are we going to live up to the saying that public memory is short or are we going to move beyond that? Let us be worthy of our liberty.

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12 responses to “Narendra Modi – India’s desperation and forgetfulness.


    November 1, 2011 at 4:22 am

    He may have risen on the Hindutva plank , but of late has has seriously toned down his saffron links and is concentrating on development. It’s no hype, that state is attracting a lot of investment. Between the 2 evils, Modi is certainly the lesser one.

    Also regarding his role in the riots, I don’t believe he actively took part in it; just that he didn’t defuse it properly.

    • madbull

      November 1, 2011 at 5:29 am

      Thanks for the comment, but that is pretty much what I said. I was talking about his many colors and how we shouldn’t forget some of them.
      Ofcourse he tones down now. He wants to run for PM. He is development oriented etc, but also very decidedly saffron as he proves time and again.

    • Shariq Us Sabah

      November 1, 2011 at 10:48 am

      When you pick up something to talk about, Dont forget to see the dark side of it. World knows that had Modi tried, Many of lives would have been safe. Secondly, If you talk to the journalists of Gujarat, they would give you the real picture of gujarat’s development. If you are an honest Indian then kindly ask the same question which Karan Thapar asked him, “The death because of slicosis”? Every week there is approx 20 deaths cos of slicosis in Guj. Highly affected is the areas Dahod, Jhalod and LIMDI. Btw you must have never heard of these places, and i know why, “Because you only see the brighter side and you believe the goodness being hyped by the media”.

      and Talking about Development, After 2001 Earthquake shook Guj, There was a lot to be developed there (Unlike other states) , So what great did modi do?
      Btw Just ask him a question, “Why did the guj govt refused to acknowledge any deaths due to silicosis since 2009?”

      Shariq Us Sabah

      • madbull

        November 5, 2011 at 4:09 am

        Hi Shariq,
        I did not know much about this issue, thanks for bringing it to my notice!
        Yeah, the media does ignore a lot of issue,but that is a national phenomenon.
        The media is more interested in the life of celebrities than the environmental disasters playing out in India, as rightly pointed out by Ramachandra Guha in his speech in Canada,

  2. Oink

    November 1, 2011 at 7:48 am

    Very interesting.. Was never a modi supporter, but never thought of it this way ..

  3. Shariq Us Sabah

    November 1, 2011 at 10:40 am

    I am highly impressed by these ideas.
    What held me till the last word of this blog was the honest idea behind it.
    I appreciate your thought. Because nation comes above religion and color. And after all we all deserve to live.

  4. Ravi Kishore

    November 1, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Good work GT. Let me quote a few things i have seen in my 1 year stay in Gujarat.

    – I have never heard of the fear of theft / going out late at night from anyone here. (a problem mainly caused by drunkards). The point of snatching the freedom is different, but Social Security is a major issue.

    – The kind of development Gujarat is witnessing is phenomenal. Lets not take the credit off Modi saying that Gujarat anyway had to develop. He lobbied hard to get so many companies to setup their facilities here by promising them tax exemptions, excellent infrastructure and single window clearance and provided them on time.

    – I find the comparison drawn between Modi and Hitler completely absurd. Being the poster boy of Hindutva (because they hardly have another face to project) doesnt mean that Modi is a maniac like Hitler or even a part of that. Instead compare him with the ex-CM of Andhra Pradesh, Chandra Babu Naidu, who was labelled as the IT Indian of the Millenium, Cyber Savvy CM, CEO of Andhra Pradesh for lobbying hard and facilitating the setup of a huge IT hub in South India and premier institutes of learning like the ISB, IIIT, IIT. Andhra Pradesh was the state which first succesfully implemented 100% IT administration in the State.

    • madbull

      November 5, 2011 at 4:13 am

      Well I did give Modi credit where it was due.
      The comparison with Hitler is not because he is gassing jews (muslims).
      Hitler came to power in a war torn Germany where people were convinced that he was the only hope. He too spoke and did a lot for the development of Germany. The Indian people today fed up of the congress are desperate for any alternative. Especially one that talks about development.
      Both Hitler and Modi try to take away the freedom of people for the ‘greater good’ of the community, like the prohibition.
      On a closer glance both of them have such worrying similarities.

  5. Pradeep

    November 1, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    Very interesting read Gowri – you have clinically dissected both sides of the argument. I didnt know about liquor prohibition in Gujarat until today. And the POTA angle was very scary to read- though in a coalition government, Modi the PM might not have a free hand.
    I just want to make one point/concern – India is so hungry for development now that it may overlook Modi’s saffron side come 2014 LS elections, especially if the alternative is Mr.RG. That’s why now I, like countless Indians am hoping Anna Hazare will plunge wholly into electoral politics – or atleast choose credible candidates.


  6. madbull

    November 5, 2011 at 4:10 am

    @ Oink , Pradeep
    There are lot more angles to this. A lot of people have spoken up for Modi as well. I am just not convinced.

  7. harish

    February 11, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    none is gonna come n beat you up no1 has the time or money to come to goergiya

    • madbull

      February 13, 2012 at 1:37 am

      good to know


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