Black Magic Woman

31 Mar
Lady in black spinning a web of death

They get much deadlier when they are human

Trust me , that pretty lady is even more deadly when she’s a homo sapien chechen rebel.

The Moscow subway bombings must be fresh in everyones mind right now. I wonder if the women in parliament screaming inclusivity have taken a glance at the papers. They might be, albeit unpleasantly, surprised to hear that inclusivity has been granted to women in a very male dominant profession (if I dare call it so) – suicide bombing.
The Chechens we see are very liberal and open minded when it comes to allowing women into the domains of bomb strapped jihad maniac brainwashed terror nut jobs. The ultimate reason seems to be, that women are just more easy to brain wash.
The black widows are chechen women whose close male relatives ( husbands/fathers/brothers ) have been killed in the war against Russia. Easiest folk to brainwash!
They were even included in the evil plot to hold a school in Beslan hostage. This resulted in the death of over 180 innocent school kids and many other hostages, back in 2004.
The above is just an example of Chechen atrocities and their overwhelming willingness to include their women in the perpetration.
What needs to be seen is that the black widows are just proxies, doing the dirty gruesome work of the self styled Chechen war lords. They are uneducated and lost without the support of their male kin and easily fall for the feisty speeches of the self styled warlords.
I wonder whether the women at home in India realize that they too will soon fill up as political proxies. Wouldn’t partake in heinous crimes like those of the Black widows perhaps, but certainly contribute to the misrule and misrepresentation that pervades our democracy.

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